Jungle Wood, Rope and Wood Preening Parrot Toy

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A Paradise for Your Parrot!

The Jungle Wood, Rope, and Wood Preening Parrot Toy is the perfect addition to your bird’s cage, providing an engaging and versatile play experience. This dynamic bird toy features a variety of textures and shapes, including colourful wooden blocks, knotted ropes, and woven materials, all designed to stimulate your parrot’s natural behaviours.

  • Multi-Activity Fun: Combines chewing, preening, and playing with one toy.
  • Promotes Beak Health: Chewing on wood helps keep beaks trimmed.
  • Reduces Over Preening: Cotton ropes offer ideal preening materials.
  • Easy to Attach: Quick link for effortless installation.

Parrots have an inherent need to chew to maintain their beak health, and the sturdy wooden blocks provide the perfect surface for this essential activity. Chewing helps to keep their beak trimmed and prevents overgrowth, which can lead to feeding difficulties and other health issues.

Preening is an important behaviour for parrots, and this bird toy is great for providing the perfect materials for it. The soft, white-knotted cotton ropes are ideal for preening, allowing your bird to engage in this activity and helping to reduce the likelihood of over-preening. Over-preening can be a sign of boredom or stress, and providing the right materials can help mitigate this issue, keeping your bird looking fantastic.

The Jungle Wood, Rope, and Wood Preening Parrot Toy is not just functional but also visually stimulating. The vibrant colours and varied textures are designed to attract your bird’s attention and keep them engaged. The toy’s durable construction ensures that it can handle even the most enthusiastic chewers, making it a long-lasting addition to your bird’s environment.

Safety is paramount, and this wood & rope parrot toy is made from high-quality, non-toxic materials, ensuring that your parrot can enjoy hours of safe, fun playtime. The included quick link makes installation straightforward, allowing you to securely attach the toy to any part of your bird’s cage or play stand, giving your feathered friend immediate access to fun and enrichment.

Adding the Jungle Wood, Rope, and Wood Preening Parrot Toy to your bird’s home will help keep your bird happy and healthy. This toy provides mental and physical stimulation, which is important for your bird’s well-being. It offers different ways for your bird to play, preventing boredom.

In summary, the Jungle Wood, Rope, and Wood Preening Parrot Toy is a versatile and essential addition to your parrot’s playtime routine. Its multifunctional design, safety features, and ease of installation make it a top choice for bird owners. Enhance your bird’s environment today with this engaging and versatile bird toy.


  • Length 45cm (17.71″)


  • Wood, Rope, Sisal, Metal


  • Weight: 0.39 kg
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