Jumbo Nut & Bolt Puzzle Parrot Toy – Pack of 2

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Product Description

Twist, Turn, and Triumph!

  • Mind-Engaging Fun: Challenges your parrot with a satisfying twist-and-solve action.
  • Vivid Colors: Attracts your parrot’s attention and encourages interaction.
  • Safe for Beaks: Made with parrot-safe plastic for hours of safe play.
  • Assorted Shapes: Keeps playtime fresh with a variety of shapes to explore.

Unlock a world of fun for your feathered friend with the Jumbo Nut & Bolt Puzzle Parrot Toy. This pack of two toys is designed to stimulate your parrot’s brain and encourage their natural problem-solving instincts. Each toy is a delightful puzzle that your parrot will love to take apart and maybe, just maybe, learn to put back together.

The Jumbo Nut & Bolt Puzzle Parrot Toy is not just a regular parot foot toy, but a mental exercise for your bird. The act of manipulating the nut and bolt helps to enhance motor skills, while the challenge of disassembling and reassembling the pieces provides essential mental stimulation. This parrot toy is designed to keep your parrot’s mind sharp and their beak busy.

These parrot toys come in a vibrant assortment of colours and shapes, ensuring that they are as visually appealing as they are fun. The variety helps to maintain your parrot’s interest over time, making each play session as exciting as the first. And because they come in a pack of two, there’s always a spare when one is being cleaned or if you have multiple birds looking for entertainment.

Safety is of most importance, especially when it comes to your beloved parrot. That’s why we have made sure that these parrot puzzle toys are made from durable, non-toxic plastic material that is completely safe for your parrot to chew on. The sturdy material can withstand the rough and tough play of parrots, ensuring that these parrot toys will be a long-lasting addition to your bird’s collection.

Encourage your parrot to twist and think with the Jumbo Nut & Bolt Puzzle Parrot Toy. It’s the perfect way to provide your pet bird or parrot with entertainment that’s both fun and beneficial. With this pack of two, your parrot will never be bored, and you’ll have the joy of watching them solve, play, and thrive.


  • Length 6.5cm (2.5″)
  • Width 5cm (2″)

Please note that dimensions may vary for different toys.


  • Plastic


  • Weight: 0.05 kg
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