Johnston & Jeff Low Sunflower Parrot Food for Large Parrots – 12.75Kg

Johnston & Jeff



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Product Description

A low-fat, highly nutritious mix low in both white and dark sunflower.

A splendid food for larger Parrots, with 25 different ingredients including 57% fruit and nuts. Help your bird reduce their daily fat intake. The rich variety of ingredients provides a mix full of different tastes and texture for an interesting meal every time.

Add even more interest for your bird and put part or all of each meal inside foraging devices to encourage movement and exercise, as well as providing essential mental stimulation.


  • Medium Striped and White Sunflower, Safflower, Whole Maize, Oats, Pumpkin Seed, Flaked Peas, Flaked Maize, Puffed Maize, Papaya, Banana, Currants, Pineapple, Apricot, Coconut, Dates, Brazil Nut Kernels, Walnut Halves, Peanuts, Pine Nuts, Soft Shell Almonds, Chillies, Rosehips, Carrot


  • Weight: 13 kg

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