Johnston & Jeff Favourite Mixed Canary Seed Food – 1kg

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Product Description

A super clean nutritious mixture suitable for all Canaries.

  • Soft and easily digestible
  • High in both protein and required fat
  • Contains delicious egg based biscuits
  • Suitable for Canaries and Finches

An appetizing mixture of plain canary seed, rapeseed, linseed and yellow biscuit specially selected for optimum health and condition, keeping your Canary healthy and happy. Available in a variety of sizes including a bulk bag which is more economical if your keeping a lot of birds.

Rapeseed contains Omega 3 that your bird needs to maintain a healthy heart and brain, linseed supports a healthy heart and canary seed contains lots of protein, important for building strong muscles.

The mixture’s inclusion of linseed is a thoughtful touch, bringing in an element that supports a glossy plumage and a robust cardiovascular system. Hempseed and Niger seed complement the blend with their high-fat content, crucial for the birds’ energy reserves, especially during colder months. The yellow biscuit, made with delicious egg, isn’t just a treat; it’s a source of essential amino acids and the comfort of a soft, digestible food that’s gentle on their stomachs.


  • Canary Seed, Black Rapeseed, Linseed, Hempseed, Niger, Yellow Biscuit


  • Weight: 1.01 kg
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