Johnston & Jeff Expert Budgie Food Seed Mix – 1kg

Johnston & Jeff

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The first choice for breeders and the top-selling mix.

  • A traditional 50/50 mix – 50% canary seed, 50% white milletseed.
  • Budgie Seed is a general purpose mix, ideal for Budgies going thorough the moult
  • Ingredients that ensure a balance of B vitamins, protein, essential amino acids and iron
  • Suitable for Budgie and Lovebird

This traditional 50/50 Budgie Seed mix has long been the first choice among owners and stands as the top-selling mix for good reason. It strikes the perfect balance between nourishment and taste, making it an ideal Budgie food. The mix consists of 50% canary seed and 50% white millet seed, a combination that offers the right blend of nutrients to support your budgie. Canary seed, known for its high protein content and essential amino acids, provides the building blocks for feather growth and general wellbeing. White millet, on the other hand, is easily digestible and a great source of B vitamins and iron, which are crucial for maintaining your budgie’s health and vitality during moult.

The blend is further enhanced by the inclusion of red and panicum millet seeds, adding variety and ensuring a marginally lighter feed that suits the dietary needs of both budgies and lovebirds. This Budgie food mix designed to cater to the specific requirements of these small birds. The variety of millet seeds in the mix offers a range of textures and tastes, keeping meal times interesting and enjoyable for your feathered friend. Moreover, the balanced composition ensures that your budgie receives all the necessary nutrients, including a healthy dose of B vitamins, protein, and iron, critical for a strong immune system, robust energy levels, and a sleek, healthy plumage.


  • Canary Seed, White, Red & Panicum Millet Seed


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