Johnsons Small Parrot, Parakeet & Budgie Treat Seed Bell with Honey




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Product Description

The Bell That Brings Delight to Every Bite!

The Johnsons Small Parrot, Parakeet & Budgie Treat Seed Bell with Honey is a healthy and delicious treat for your feathered friends.

  • Wholesome Goodness: Crafted with a selection of natural seeds, providing a nutritious variety to your bird’s diet.
  • Honey Enrichment: Enriched with honey for a touch of sweetness that birds love.
  • Supplementary Snack: This tasty snack is intended to supplement your bird’s regular diet, offering additional nutrients and variety.
  • Convenient Treat: It is easy to hang in your bird’s cage, offering them a delightful pecking challenge that’s also a decorative addition to their environment.

This bell-shaped budgie treat is made with selected seeds that are rich in essential nutrients. It ensures that your bird is both satisfied and nourished. Treat your bird with this delightful snack and add a touch of joy to their day.

Drizzled with honey, this treat is not only healthy but also irresistibly tasty. The sweetness of honey makes it a hit among birds, encouraging them to engage with the bell and enjoy their reward. This Budgie Treat is a sweet symphony of flavours that your bird will love!

Designed as a complementary pet food, this Seed Bell is to be given as a supplement to a normal diet. It’s the perfect addition to your daily feeding routine, providing a fun and beneficial treat that’s both enjoyable to eat and wholesome.

The Seed Bell is effortless to set up; just hang it in the cage and watch your bird be entertained and nourished. It doubles as a playful activity and an attractive cage accessory. As your bird nibbles away, it’s also an excellent tool for beak maintenance.


  • Selected Seeds and honey. For full information, see the label.


  • 34g

Feeding Directions

  • Give only as a supplement to the normal diet.
  • Suspend or place in the cage or aviary.


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