Jingle Ball Play Parrot Toy – Medium

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Product Description

Chime into Playtime with the Jingle Ball Parrot Toy!

  • Musical Joy: The inner ball chimes to delight your parrot’s auditory senses.
  • Interactive Play: Can be used as a foot toy or hung up to double the fun.
  • Foraging Ready: Hide treats inside for rewarding playtime.
  • Shredding Fun: Fillable with paper for satisfying shredding activity.

The Jingle Ball Parrot Toy is a playful marvel designed to captivate and entertain your beloved parrot. This large, durable, soft plastic ball has a smaller jingle ball inside, creating an engaging sound that is sure to capture your bird’s curiosity and encourage active play. Whether your parrot is tossing it around with their feet or pecking at it in their cage, this toy is perfect for solo playtime.

As a versatile plaything, it’s excellent for larger parrots to grasp and explore. Its size is perfect for birds who like to use their feet to manipulate objects, providing an excellent workout for their talons and beaks. For an even more dynamic play session, attach it to some leather strips or rope and hang it in their cage – a simple modification for increased physical exercise.

If your parrot loves foraging, then the Jingle Ball Play Parrot Toy is perfect for them. This toy is designed to hide treats, turning playtime into a fun search for rewards. This engaging activity encourages your bird’s natural instincts and helps them stay mentally sharp.

The Jingle Ball Parrot Toy is a great option if your parrot enjoys shredding things. You can fill it with paper, allowing your parrot to experience the pleasure of tearing and unravelling. This Parrot Toy is safe to use within their habitat, providing entertainment while satisfying their natural instinct to forage and shred.

Please keep in mind that although the Jingle Ball is made from soft plastic, it is recommended to supervise larger or more destructive birds while they play to ensure their safety and enjoyment.

The Jingle Ball Parrot Toy is not just any ordinary toy but a crucial element of your parrot’s enrichment. This toy supports your bird’s need for mental stimulation and physical activity. With its bright colours, engaging sounds, and multifunctional uses, it is sure to become your feathered friend’s favourite. Bring home the Jingle Ball Parrot Toy and witness your birds chirp with joy as they explore, create sound, and have fun!

NOTE: This products comes in variety of colours. The toy you receive may be different from the one displayed on the website.


  • Diameter 7cm (3”)


  • Plastic, Metal.


  • Weight: 0.04 kg
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