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Shred the Boredom Away!

Enhance your bird’s playtime with the Honeycomb Foraging & Shredding Tower, an exciting toy that transforms their cage into a bustling hub of activity.

  • Durable Shredding Fun: Thick corrugated cardboard to satisfy the most avid shredders.
  • Interactive Foraging: Holes perfect for hiding seeds and enhancing play with tasty rewards.
  • Sturdy Wooden Blocks: Chunky blocks for extended chewing satisfaction.
  • Enrichment Focused: Promotes mental stimulation and physical activity.

The Honeycomb Foraging & Shredding Tower features a thick corrugated cardboard at its core that is specifically chosen to attract larger parrots that enjoy shredding. The cardboard is designed with a honeycomb texture that mimics natural materials, which triggers an innate sense of pleasure and provides hours of shredding fun. This parrot toy is built to last and provide enrichment, engineered to withstand the beaks and claws of even the most enthusiastic parrots.

This Bird Toy is not just a shredding station, it also doubles as a foraging treasure. The holes in the toy are placed strategically, making it perfect for hiding seeds or treats, which brings joy to your parrot while discovering and enjoying the delicious surprise of an unexpected snack. It’s a delight that taps into their natural foraging instincts, turning each play session into a rewarding experience.

The toy features chunky wooden blocks that provide a contrast in textures. These blocks are not just an afterthought, but a crucial element of the design. They offer your bird a multi-textured playground that keeps their beak healthy and their mind engaged, making the toy all the more appealing for your feathered friend to enjoy.

This parrot toy is not just an ordinary toy; it’s a comprehensive approach to ensuring the well-being of your parrot. The Honeycomb Foraging & Shredding Tower is designed to stimulate your pet’s mental abilities while also catering to their physical needs, which helps promote an active and contented lifestyle. Every time your parrot interacts with the tower, they take a step towards a happier and healthier life by engaging in stimulating activities such as shredding, foraging, and playing.

Colours in wooden pieces may vary.


  • Total Length 56cm (22.04”)
  • Total Width 15cm (6″)


  • Coloured wood, Cotton rope, Corrugated cardboard


  • Weight: 0.25 kg
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