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The fun foraging reward game you and your Parrot can play together.

Spending time with your bird whilst playing with interactive toys such as this Hide and Treat Puzzle Parrot toy is a great way to build and reinforce the bond between you.

The Hide and Treat Puzzle comes with a coffee tree base with 9 wells drilled in to it and 9 hollow coffee tree pegs.

Place food, a treat or other reward in to the wells and cover using the pegs, then hand over to your bird. If your bird isn’t used to such puzzles let your bird watch you hide the treats, you can even show them that by lifting and pulling the pegs out they can uncover a reward.

Each peg also has a small hole drilled in to the side, which can be seen even when the pegs are placed in to the wells. You could even start off by wedging small treats in these holes; your bird is likely to pull the peg out to get a better grip, thus encouraging them to remove the pegs.

As you Parrot becomes more skilled try hiding treats in just some or only one of the wells, so your Parrot works harder for their treat.

As the pegs are hollow you could advance to using larger treats that you can wedge inside the peg, which should take your bird longer to figure out and remove.

Even though this is quite a simple concept the benefits to your birds mental health is huge, plus its fun!


  • Height 12cm (4.72″)
  • Diameter 9cm (3.54″)


  • Wood, Sisal


  • Weight: 0.35 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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