Hexagonal Rope Parrot Perch & Swing

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Product Description

Exercising your birds’ feet and beak!

  • Sturdy and Durable: Crafted for longevity, even against the most enthusiastic of beaks.
  • Versatile Fun: Easily transitions from a perch to a swing, offering varied stimulation.
  • Comfort Grip: Soft rope offers a comfortable perch and firm grip.
  • Easy Installation: Quick to hang in any cage with a secure metal attachment.

Give your parrot the joy of endless play with our Hexagonal Rope Parrot Perch & Swing. This multifunctional play accessory is designed to keep your parrot entertained, active, and comfortable, providing them with a space that’s all their own. Not only does this perch provide a stable spot for your bird to rest, but it also doubles as a swing, adding an element of exercise and fun to their daily routine.

The parrot perch is made from soft, bird-safe cotton rope arranged in a hexagonal shape, giving it a unique design that appeals to your parrot’s curiosity and love for exploration. The gentle texture of the rope ensures your parrot’s feet stay comfortable while also offering a good grip for a stable hold. Its sturdy design can withstand the pecks and claws of even the most playful birds, ensuring that it becomes a lasting addition to their home.

Hanging this Parrot Perch in your bird’s cage is a breeze, thanks to the sturdy metal attachment that ensures secure fitting, keeping the perch stable as your bird hops on and off. The swing motion of the parrot perch is perfect for birds who love a bit of motion in their play, and it can help reduce boredom, increase activity levels, and stimulate their mind.

Investing in our Hexagonal Rope Parrot Perch & Swing means more than just purchasing a toy for your pet bird. This product is designed to enhance your parrot’s living space and enrich their environment, promoting their happiness and overall health. By adding this perch to your bird’s cage, you’re providing them with a safe and comfortable spot to rest, play, and exercise. All of these are crucial components of a healthy bird’s life.

To maintain the perch, simply wipe it down with a cloth and check regularly for signs of wear and tear. Always ensure it’s securely fastened to prevent any accidents. With the proper care, this Parrot Perch will be a source of joy for your parrot for years to come.

Our Hexagonal Rope Parrot Perch & Swing provides comfort and amusement for your feathered friend. Our Hexagonal Rope Parrot Perch & Swing is a carefully crafted accessory for your bird’s amusement and well-being, providing style, comfort, and a fun swinging experience.

To personalise it to your bird’s preference visit our Toy-Making Parts section for ideas and materials to attach to the rope.


  • Total Length 42cm (16.53”)

  • Width 25 (9.84”)


  • Cotton, Metal


  • Weight: 0.18 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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