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Product Description

Maintenance Formula for Small Birds.

This year-round maintenance formula meets the nutritional requirements for healthy, non-breeding, non-molting birds including canaries, budgies (parakeets), cockatiels, doves, lovebirds, conures, parrotlets, pigeons and other small birds.


  • An Adult Lifetime formula may be offered after a bird has completed a dietary program of a High Potency formula for a period of 6 months.

For birds with certain dietary sensitivities.

This formula does not contain the following items:

  • peanuts
  • sunflower
  • corn

Feeding Directions:

  • feed fresh food daily.
  • to help reduce waste, feed as distinct meals.
  • birds may eat all they want, but use the table below as a guideline.
  • Canary/Finch : 1tsp (1-1 3/4g)
  • Budgie/Parrotlet : 1-2tsp (1 1/2 -3g)
  • Cockatiel/Lovebird : 1 1/2 – 3 tsp (2-5g)
  • Quaker : 2-4 tsp (3-7g)
  • Conure/Lory*: 3-5tsp (5-15g)
  • Dove/Pigeon : 1/2 – 1 1/2 tbs (5-15g)

*For Lories: Soak the formula in 2 tbs water and 1/2 tsp corn syrup. Birds new to Harrison’s should be on High Potency for a period of 6-8 months. Most birds may remain on High Potency indefinitely.
Composition: *Hulled Grey Millet, *Ground Hulled Wild Buckwheat, *Ground Soy Flakes, *Ground Hulled Sesame Seeds, *Chia Seed, *Ground Alfalfa, *Ground Dried Sea Kelp, *Ground Whole Anise, *Algae Meal.


Nutritional additives per Kg:

  • Vitamins: Vit A 4409 IU, Vit B1 2677 IU, Vit B2 2380 IU, Vit E 276 IU, Vit D3 99 IU, Vit B12 40mcg. Trace elements: Zinc Sulphate 13.3mg, Manganese Sulphate 4.4mg, Copper Sulphate 2.7mg, Sodium Selenite 0.15mg.
  • Analytical constituents: Crude Protein (min.) 17%, Crude Fat (min.) 6.5%, Crude Fibre (max.) 8%, Moisture (max.) 10%.


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