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Plush Privacy for Playful Parrots!

Spoil your feathered friend with the Happy Snuggle Hut for Parrots – Small and provide them with a comfortable place to rest. This bird snuggle hut is more than just a resting spot; it’s a safe haven within the confines of their cage. It offers a warm and snug retreat for moments of solitude, allowing your parrot to feel secure and relaxed.

  • Warmth and Security: Ideal retreat for your parrot’s comfort.
  • Tail-Safe Design: Openings on both ends to protect delicate feathers.
  • Easy Attachment: Comes with pear links for secure cage installation.
  • Stress-Reducing Space: A safe haven to alleviate your bird’s stress.

The Happy Snuggle Hut is designed with your parrot’s natural instincts in mind. It serves as the perfect parrot hideaway, providing your pet with the privacy they need to feel secure. In the wild, parrots are prey animals, and their instinct to find a place to conceal themselves when they feel uncertain is deeply ingrained. This snuggle hut mimics the safe spots they would seek out in their natural habitat, reducing stress and promoting a sense of safety.

The thoughtful design includes openings on both ends, ensuring that your parrot’s tail feathers are free from harm and can maintain their pristine condition. The small size of this snuggle hut is ideal for petite parrot breeds, providing a cosy and snug fit for their nesting comfort.

Attaching the Happy Snuggle Hut to your bird’s cage is a hassle-free process, thanks to the sturdy pear links provided. These allow for quick and secure fastening to the cage bars, ensuring that the hut remains stable and inviting, no matter how much your parrot moves around inside.

It’s important to consider the natural cycles of your parrot, and during the breeding season, it may be advisable to remove the snuggle hut to prevent triggering nesting behaviours. This level of attention to your parrot’s well-being underlines the importance of providing the right environment at the right time.

The Happy Snuggle Hut is not just a bird accessory to enhance your bird’s living space but it’s a place where your bird can retreat to for tranquility and contribute to their emotional well-being. It provides them with the warmth and security they need to thrive and be comfortable. It’s an essential part of creating a nurturing and loving home for your beloved parrot, where they can experience joy and comfort in their own private snuggle hut.

*Please inspect the inside and outside of your Happy Snuggle Hut on a weekly basis for loose strings that could catch your bird’s toenails.


  • Height 13cm (5.1″)
  • Width 12cm (4.7″)
  • Depth 18cm (7″)


  • Fleece Material, Plastic, Metal


  • Weight: 0.15 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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