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Chew, Preen, and Play the Day Away!

Say ‘bye, bye’ to bird boredom and introduce your feathered friend to a world of vibrant fun and engaging activity. This Natural Parrot Toy is designed to provide hours of entertainment while addressing the essential needs of your avian companion.

  • Stimulate Natural Behaviors: Crafted with colourful wooden cylinders and intricate knots, this parrot toy invites your pet to engage in natural chewing, foraging, and preening behaviours. It’s a fantastic tool to keep your parrot mentally and physically stimulated.
  • Prevent Feather Plucking: Regular use of the Hanging Cylinders Chew & Preen Parrot Toy can help deter feather plucking. This toy is a valuable addition to your parrot’s daily routine by encouraging healthy preening and play.
  • Vibrant Visual Stimulation: The toy’s different shapes and bright colours are not only visually captivating for your parrot but also offer a variety of textures to explore. This ensures extended periods of play and entertainment.
  • Easy to Hang: Installing this toy is a breeze! Simply hang it in your parrot’s cage or playstand, and watch them enjoy the physical activity it promotes. The convenient design allows you to keep your pet active and healthy effortlessly.

Hanging Cylinders Chew & Preen Parrot Toy provides your feathered companion with a delightful combination of exercise, mental stimulation, and entertainment. Your parrot will relish the opportunity to chew, preen, and explore, all while preventing boredom and promoting a healthier, happier lifestyle. The vivid colours and engaging textures will keep them occupied for extended periods, ensuring they are mentally and physically active.

As social and intelligent creatures, parrots thrive on mental and physical stimulation. The Hanging Cylinders Chew & Preen Parrot Toy is your solution to providing them with the mental challenges and physical activity they need to stay happy and healthy. With this toy in their habitat, your parrot will eagerly explore the textures, colours, and shapes, while you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re enhancing their quality of life. Whether they’re indulging in some satisfying preening, honing their beak strength, or simply enjoying a game of tug with the durable rope, this toy will become an indispensable part of their daily routine.


  • Length: 40cm (15.7″)
  • Cylinder Length 5cm (2″)
  • Cylinder Diameter 3cm (1.2″)


  • Wood, Rope, Metal


  • Weight: 0.4 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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