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Premium seed mix with added fruits, vegetables and Tropical Granules.

Hagen Living World Lovebird & Cockatiel Premium Seed provides your bird with a good balanced diet offering plenty of tantalising tastes and textures for an interesting meal your bird loves to spend time eating.


  • Fruits – Papaya, coconut, raisins
  • Seeds – White Millet, red millet, oat groats, canary seed, wheat, milo, sunflower seed, safflower seed, chopped peanut kernel, flaxseed, hemp seed
  • Vegetables – Carrot – Legumes – Cooked cracked green split peas, red split lentils
  • Others – Tropican granules which contain 8 grains and nuts with vitamins and minerals

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Protein – 12.6% 
  • Fat – 10.6% 
  • Fibre – 9.9%


  • 908g


  • Weight: 0.91 kg
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