Groovy Blocks Parrot Toy-Making Parts – Large – Pack of 12

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Product Description

Pack of 12 coloured wood blocks with a number of cut grooves down each side.
A simple yet fantastic idea, these large Groovy Blocks are great for rejuvenating existing toys or for you if you enjoy inventing your own toys for your bird. 

Each block has a hole drilled through the centre so they can easily be fastened on to lengths of rope or chain. 

The grooves mean foods treats and materials can be wedged inside making meal times much more fun and stimulating compared to just filling up your parrot’s bowl.
If you stuff a single block with treats and/or materials you can present it to your bird as a snack, boredom buster, reward, etc.
Alternatively it an be used as a foraging foot toy for larger birds.

  • Length 4cm (1.5″)
  • Width 3.5cm (1.25″)
  • Depth 2.5cm (1″)


  • Wood


  • Weight: 0.16 kg
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