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Product Description

Foraging is a natural bird instinct that can be fun and exciting with our Fun Foraging Basket Natural Parrot Toy!

Do you want to prevent boredom and mentally exercise your bird? Look no further than our Natural Parrot Toy! Crafted with love and care, it’s the perfect addition to your feathered friend’s daily routine.

  • Stimulate Your Parrot’s Mind: Our Natural Parrot Toy is designed to engage your feathered companion’s intellect. Crafted from high-quality, eco-friendly materials, it’s the perfect addition to your parrot’s enrichment arsenal.
  • Promotes Physical Health: Watch as your parrot enjoys hours of physical activity, keeping them active and healthy. This toy encourages pulling, climbing, and foraging, all essential for your parrot’s well-being.
  • Foraging Fun: Say goodbye to boredom with our Fun Foraging Basket. It’s designed to hide treats, toys and many surprises, giving your parrot a delightful challenge. 
  • Durable and Safe: Your parrot’s safety is our top priority. Our Natural Parrot Toy is made from non-toxic, bird-safe materials, ensuring endless hours of entertainment without any harm. It’s also built to withstand those sharp beaks and talons.

Made from sustainable, natural materials, this toy taps into your parrot’s primal instincts. Watch as they explore, peck, and forage through the Fun Foraging Basket, uncovering hidden treasures and satisfying their curious nature. One more advantage of this Natural Parrot Toy is the quick and easy installation. Use the provided pear link provided to han the basket in your bird’s cage or play area, and let them explore it!

We have especially filled this Fun Foraging Basket with many intriguing Natural Parrot Toys for your pet to chew, pull and preen on. Attached on the front of the basket are some natural are pananus fruit, poplar walnut and wooden mango, safe for your pet to chew and peck. This Natural Parrot Toy is designed to keep your bird’s beak busy and healthy.

Not only will this toy keep your parrot engaged, but it also contributes to their physical well-being. Regular playtime with this Parrot Toy promotes exercise, helping your parrot maintain a healthy weight and reducing the risk of boredom-related behaviors.

Safety is paramount when it comes to our feathered companions. That’s why our Natural Parrot Toy is crafted from bird-safe materials, ensuring your parrot’s safety while they explore and play. It’s built to withstand the rigors of daily parrot life, so you can enjoy peace of mind.


  • Height 23cm (9.2″)
  • Diameter 18cm (7.5″)
  • Depth 9cm (3.5″)


  • Wood, Vine, Natural Leaf, Metal.


  • Weight: 0.2 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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