Fruity Chew Kabob Wooden Parrot Toy – Large

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Product Description

A Fun Bright Attractive Toy for your Parrot to get to grips with.

This Fruity Chew Kabob Wooden Parrot Toy – Large blends both natural wood blocks and faceted faux crystals in bright colours to create a visually appealing toy for your bird.

Strung on a central core of sturdy metal rod. Use the strong pear link fastener to easily and securely attach this toy to your bird’s cage or their play gym stand, then enjoy as you watch your Parrot play.

Chewing the wood spools and blocks helps to keep your Parrot’s beak short and healthy whilst keeping your bird active, encouraging exercise through play. 

A shiny metal cow bell hangs from the bottom and rings happily away as your Parrot chews on and plays with their Fruity Loot Wooden Parrot Toy. A knot of thick cotton rope provides hundreds of strands for your bird to preen.


  • Length: 28cm (11″)
  • Width: 6cm (2.4”)


  • Wood, Metal, Cotton, Plastic


  • 5060717140036


  • Weight: 0.16 kg
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