Four Way Block Foraging Parrot Toy – Large

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Product Description

Four Way Chunky Foraging Parrot Toy Block

Train your parrot’s natural foraging skills with this four-way foraging parrot toy.
This block provides the perfect physical challenge for your parrot, allowing them to climb the tower and use their natural foraging and climbing skills, making it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to give their parrot more physical exercise and mental stimulation at the same time.

By placing treats at various heights inside the holes in this toy, you can let your parrot work for its food, and their natural instincts will be trained and rewarded for finding the treats.
This stimulates their wild habitat feeding behaviour and helps develop their cognitive functions, which are crucial to the overall health of pet parrots.

In addition to serving as a mental and physical exercise, the blocks on this toy can also be used as a chewing toy, resulting in an even more complete playing experience that helps eliminate boredom and stimulate your parrot’s smart brain.

This toy can be easily attached and removed, making it convenient to use. This comes in handy because variation is crucial for any parrot: it’s recommended that you rotate your bird’s toys on a regular basis to keep them new and exciting. This will help keep it engaged and stimulated, promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Product Features

  • Offers Climbing – A great form of physical exercise for parrots
  • This toy allows your parrot to train their natural foraging skills by searching for treats
  • Easy to attach and remove from the cage
  • Suitable for medium-sized parrots like conures, Indian ringnecks, lorikeets and more.


  • Height 34cm (13.38″)
  • Width 12cm (4.72″)
  • Depth 8cm (3.14″)


  • Wood, Metal


  • Weight: 0.46 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price
  • Info: Endless fun for your parrots, stimulating their natural foraging skills.

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