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Pouch of Plenty – Experience Joy in Every Discovery!

The Foraging Pouch Natural Parrot Toy is designed to support your parrot’s instinctual activities, such as foraging, preening, and problem-solving. This toy provides a multi-sensory experience through a combination of textures and sounds that mimic those found in a parrot’s natural habitat.

  • Encourages natural foraging and preening habits.
  • Filled with engaging crinkle paper and durable textures.
  • Chewable vine stars and wooden beads for beak health.
  • Comes with a secure pear link for easy installation and relocation.

At the core of the parrot toy’s appeal is the seagrass pocket, robustly woven to withstand the pecking and pulling of eager beaks. Within this pocket, parrots will discover a generous filling of coloured crinkle paper. This feature is not just visually appealing; it encourages birds to dig and forage as they would in the wild, searching for food or nesting materials.

For parrots that enjoy preening, the Foraging Pouch offers hundreds of seagrass strands perfect for this activity. Preening is a natural behaviour that helps birds maintain their feathers, and engaging with the seagrass can provide a healthy outlet for this behaviour, potentially reducing the likelihood of over-preening.

The pouch is decorated with woven vine stars and wood beads, tied with sisal rope, which adds an element of play. These decorations are not just for show, they serve a practical purpose. The vine stars are designed for chewing, which is crucial for maintaining a healthy beak. The sisal rope, which is tough and fibrous, offers another texture for parrots to unravel and manipulate, supporting their need for exploration.

Customisation is a key feature of this bird toy. The open design allows you to introduce new items, such as your parrot’s favourite treats or materials, into the pouch. This keeps the toy fresh and engaging over time. The toy can be easily refilled, ensuring that it remains a consistent part of your parrot’s daily routine.

The toy is finished with a metal pear link, making it easy to secure to a cage or play gym. This practical design ensures that you can place the toy wherever your parrot prefers, and it can be moved around to different locations to provide variety and challenge.


  • Total Length 26cm (10.23”)

  • Toy Length 18cm (7.08”)
  • Width 18cm (7.08”)


  • Seagrass, Vine, Paper, Wood, Sisal, Metal


  • Weight: 0.12 kg
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