Foot Toy Kit for Medium & Large Parrots

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Selection of best selling foot toys for Parrots in one discounted pack.

Great for ensuring your bird has healthy feet, these toys have been designed to be picked up and held or thrown around and chewed. With a variety of materials there’s plenty to be explored in the Foot Toy Kit for Parrots.

The pack contains all the following foot toys at a discounted price against single RRP’s

1 x Groovy Blocks Parrot Toy-Making Parts – Large – Pack of 12
1 x Vine Ring Rattle Foot Toy for Parrots
1 x Jingle Ball Play Parrot Toy – Medium
1 x Coloured Wood Ice Lolly Sticks – Large Parrot Toy Parts – 50 Pack
1 x Birdie Bangles Foot Parrot Toy – Small Pack of 12
1 x Colourful Munch Woven Vine Chew Balls – Foot Parrot Toy – Pack of 4


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