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Swing into Fun – The Mini Stage for Major Performances!

The Flying Trapeze Parrot Toy is an ideal stage for small birds, such as parakeets and small parrots, to demonstrate their impressive acrobatic skills. It’s not just a toy but an activity centre specifically designed for tiny members of the avian family.

  • Acrobatic Enrichment: Encourages your pet bird to demonstrate their natural acrobatic abilities.
  • Interactive Elements: Features colourful chains and additional playful attachments to engage and entertain.
  • Chewable Delight: The woven mat offers plenty of material for picking, preening, and chewing.
  • Dynamic Movement: A light swing stimulates activity and coordination, promoting healthy exercise.

This small parrot toy provides a fun and playful platform where your bird can swing, climb, and play to their heart’s content. The woven mat is suspended by colourful plastic chain links that add a vivid splash to their environment, instantly catching their attention and keeping them engaged in playful activities.

The extra little bird foot toys attached to the chain links are more than just decorative; they invite your bird to explore and interact. It’s about igniting their curiosity and catering to their instinctual behaviours. Whether it’s swinging from the chains or dangling upside-down, this small bird toy turns your pet’s playtime into a circus-worthy performance.

The chewable woven mat is not just a seat for your bird, it’s also a tapestry that your bird’s beak and feet can work on. It has a rich texture and is perfect for birds to pick and preen at, providing a healthy outlet for their chewing instincts. You can even thread additional materials through the mat, such as strips of paper or soft wood, to maintain your bird’s interest and turn the toy into a personalized paradise.

The Flying Trapeze not only swings but also twists and turns, encouraging your bird to maintain balance and coordination. This dynamic movement is crucial for their physical health, mimicking the motion of branches in the wild and stimulating their need to navigate through movement.

This parakeet toy is designed to be easily hung in any cage, transforming your bird’s living space into an arena where they can show off their agility. The gentle motion of the swing soothes as much as it stimulates, offering a variety of sensory experiences to keep your bird engaged and active.

If you want to keep your bird mentally stimulated and physically fit, you can provide them with the Flying Trapeze Parrot Toy – Mini. This toy allows your bird to express natural behaviors and put on their own aerial display. It’s important to remember that this toy is not only for amusement but also for your bird’s well-being.


  • Length 30cm (11.8″)
  • Width 19cm (7.5″)
  • Depth 19cm (7.5″)


  • Natural Material, Plastic, Metal, Wood, Leather.


  • Weight: 0.17 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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