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Product Description

A great way to introduce foraging to your Parrot.

This Flap Flap Hide A Treat Foraging Toy is perfect if your Parrot is new to the concept of foraging.

This starter foraging toy has two compartments for you to place some favourite food or treats in. The fun for your Parrot is in the retrieving of the rewards.

We suggest letting your beaky buddy watch you lift the lids and place a reward inside one or both of the wells. Leave the lids up and let your feathered friend explore at their own pace.

Have some tiny pieces of treats handy, to reward them if the go near their Flap Flap Hide A Treat Foraging Toy, and again if they touch it. Once they’re used to the idea of retrieving the treats from the wells, then you can progress to placing rewards inside and closing the lids.

Again, have tiny pieces of treats handy as mini rewards for any positive actions your Parrot makes. Positive re-enforcement training techniques are widely accepted to provide the best results, and should always be done at your Parrot’s own pace.

You’ll be surprised how quickly your Parrot will pick this up, foraging is a natural behaviour, and one they’d spend many hours of their day on in the wild. Providing opportunities for your beaky buddy to forage provide them with essential mental stimulation that can really help keep birdie boredom at bay.

Plus, spending time together helps to strengthen the bond between you.


  • Length 17cm (6.5″)
  • Width 8cm (3″)
  • Height 4cm (1.5“)
  • Height with flaps up 9cm (3.5”)


  • Wood


  • Weight: 0.24 kg
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