Firecracker Foraging Natural Parrot Toy

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Crinkle, Crunch, Climb – Adventure in Every Rustle!

Explore the world of avian enrichment with the Firecracker Foraging Natural Parrot Toy. This innovative plaything is made of a variety of stimulating materials and hidden surprises, designed to spark your parrot’s innate curiosity and provide a rewarding foraging experience.

  • Encourages natural foraging behaviour
  • Promotes mental and physical stimulation
  • Durable materials for extended playtime
  • Customisable with treats to entice exploration

At first glance, the Firecracker Foraging toy looks like a colourful mix of textures and materials. The outer layer, a durable woven mat, offers a range of sensory experiences. Your parrot can unravel the layers of the mat to discover a treasure trove of colourful crinkle paper, engaging their sense of touch and providing the satisfying rustle that birds love.

The crinkle paper bursting out from the sides is not just for show. It entices your bird with its playful noise and intriguing feel, encouraging them to pull and forage as they would in the wild. Underneath this layer lies the straw mat core, which your bird must chew through to access the crinkle paper treasure trove inside, giving them a satisfying challenge for their beak and mind.

As your bird interacts with this parrot toy, the lengths of woven palm leaves add another dimension to the foraging playground. These not only offer a different texture for your bird to explore but also a durable material for extended play sessions. The natural bird toy’s design allows for easy hanging inside a bird’s cage using the quick link provided, so it can sway and spin, mimicking the dynamic movement of branches in the wild. This movement encourages your bird to balance and coordinate their movements, providing a form of physical exercise that’s essential for their well-being.

For those birds that love a reward, the Firecracker Foraging toy can be customised. Hide treats within the folds of the straw and crinkle paper, incentivizing your bird to dig deeper and engage more thoroughly with the bird toy. These non-toxic components ensure that your parrot can peck, chew, and explore without any risk to their health.

The Firecracker Foraging Natural Parrot Toy is a celebration of natural behaviours, offering your bird a stimulating environment that challenges their intellect and satisfies their foraging instincts. It’s an invitation to interactive play that respects the natural inclinations of your feathered friend, ensuring that their day is filled with activity, variety, and joy.

NOTE: Keep in mind that colours may vary.


  • Width 25cm (9.84”)
  • Depth 8cm (3.14″)


  • Straw, Paper, Wood, Plastic, Cardboard, Palm Leaf, Leather



  • Weight: 0.17 kg
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