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Product Description

A complete nutritious & balanced parrot food seed mix.

  • Tailored Nutrition: Formulated for African Greys, Macaws, Cockatoos, and Amazons
  • Quality Ingredients: High-quality, natural ingredients for your parrot’s health
  • Balanced Diet: A varied mix to ensure a complete, balanced diet
  • Trustworthy Brand: Developed by experts for your peace of mind

Understanding the diverse nature of parrots’ diets in the wild, this Parrot Food Seed Mix is a harmonious blend of natural, high-quality ingredients, each selected for their nutritional value and taste appeal to parrots. It mirrors the variety they would find in their natural habitat, ensuring your parrot receives all the necessary nutrients to thrive.

The mix is not only rich in the essentials but also in flavour, providing a stimulating and enticing mealtime for your parrot. It’s a diet that supports everything from feather condition to robust health, ensuring your bird enjoys a full and active life. The seeds are easy to digest and perfect for daily feeding, making meal preparation straightforward and stress-free.

The Expert Premium Professional range is synonymous with quality, and this Parrot Food Seed Mix is no exception. It stands out for its nutritional profile, with each ingredient playing a crucial role in maintaining the well-being of your parrot. The mix includes an array of seeds, nuts, and grains, offering a diverse texture and taste experience, encouraging natural foraging behaviour.

For parrot owners seeking to boost their bird’s health while also providing an interesting diet, this Parrot Food Seed Mix is the ultimate choice. The commitment to quality is evident in every aspect, from the selection of ingredients to the manufacturing process, which adheres to the highest standards.

Incorporating this seed mix into your parrot’s diet means providing them with a foundation for a vibrant and healthy life. It’s a choice that reflects love and care, ensuring that every meal not only satisfies their hunger but also contributes to their overall well-being. Choose Expert Premium Professional Nutritious Parrot Food Seed Mix and watch your parrot flourish.


  • Mixture of seeds (White sunflower, Red millet, White millet, Paddy rice, Striped sunflower, Pumpkin, Melon, Red peppers, Raisins, Cedar nuts, Oats, Peeled oats, Buckwheat, Red dari, White dari, Safflower, Carrot, Presco maize, Presco wheat and rolled peas).
  • This parrot food also contains dried fruits & vegetables and pellets containing vitamins, minerals and amino acids. 


  • 1Kg (2.2lb) or 2Kg (4.4lb)


  • Weight: 1.01 kg
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