Edible Calcium Clam Parrot Perch – Small

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Product Description

A uniquely shaped calcium Parrot perch.

This Edible Calcium Clam Parrot Perch – Small contains calcium; an important mineral source, kelp; excellent source of most trace minerals, and prized for its iodine content essential for normal thyroid function.

Using the metal fixing it can easily and securely be attached to most cage bars. Attach it horizontally to provide a near flat surface. This allows your bird to distribute their weight evenly over their feet for maximum comfort. The flatter surface makes a welcome change from round perches.

Alternatively fix it to the cage vertically to provide an uneven surface meaning your bird`s feet will be well exercised.


  • Length: 11cm (4.25″)
  • Width: 10.5cm (4”)


  • Calcium Sulfate, Kelp with food colouring FD&C Red#40, Blue#2 and Yellow#5

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Protein 1.0% Fat 0.1% Fiber <0.2% Moisture 18.0% Calcium 10.0%


  • Weight: 0.3 kg
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