Edible Calcium Clam Parrot Perch – Small

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A uniquely shaped calcium Parrot perch.

Give your bird the health and variety they deserve with the Edible Calcium Clam Parrot Perch – Small, a perch that goes beyond just standing.

  • Essential Calcium Boost: Supports bone, beak, and claw health.
  • Nutritional Enrichment: Infused with kelp for vital iodine and trace minerals.
  • Versatile Mounting: Can be attached horizontally or vertically for foot health.
  • Edible & Functional: Designed for nibbling to promote beak health.

This small Edible Calcium Clam Parrot Perch is an excellent choice for pet bird owners who want to keep their feathered friends healthy and comfortable. It contains calcium, which is an essential mineral for birds, helping to maintain strong bones, beaks, and claws. Additionally, this parrot perch is enriched with kelp, which is a natural source of iodine, an essential nutrient for normal thyroid function. Kelp is also an excellent source of trace minerals, providing your bird with a well-rounded nutritional boost.

Attaching the perch is easy and secure, thanks to the metal fixing provided. You can attach it horizontally to provide a flat surface, which allows your bird to distribute their weight evenly over their feet, reducing the risk of foot problems and ensuring maximum comfort. The flat surface also provides a welcome change from traditional round perches.

Alternatively, you can fix the perch vertically to provide an uneven surface for your bird to stand on. This will help to exercise their feet, which is essential for maintaining good foot health. The uneven surface will also provide your bird with a more natural and stimulating environment, encouraging them to move around more and stay active.

The Edible Calcium Clam Parrot Perch – Small is a fantastic addition to your bird’s cage. Made from high-quality materials, this perch is designed to last, so your bird can enjoy it for a long time. It features a unique clam shape and is packed with calcium, which is important for bone health and development. Additionally, the perch is edible, meaning your bird can nibble on it to help keep their beak trimmed and healthy. The Edible Calcium Clam Parrot Perch is a must-have for any bird owner looking to provide their pet with the best possible care and attention.


  • Length: 11cm (4.25″)
  • Width: 10.5cm (4”)


  • Calcium Sulfate, Kelp with food colouring FD&C Red#40, Blue#2 and Yellow#5


  • Weight: 0.3 kg
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