Double Ringer Parrot Bell Toy – Small

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Product Description

The toughest bell around, this steel bell is protected by a super tough bell shaped casing.

  • A super tough bell for your Parrot to ring
  • Has a handle so you can fasten it to cages
  • Parrots love making lots of noise
  • Suitable for African Grey, Amazon, Cockatoo and more

If your bird enjoys playing with bells and toys that chime, but soon learns how to remove the clapper inside, then the Double Ringer Small is the perfect solution.

The easy to clean super tough casing keeps the bell safely inside and ringing away for many hours of fun playtime. This Double Ringer Small hangs on a length of bird safe metal chain and come with a quick link to secure it virtually anywhere in the cage.

The large `D` shaped handle allows your bird to easily grip the bell, it also makes for a great place to tie on materials such as rope or leather for your bird to play with and hang from.

Now your parrot can get loads more fun out of making even more noise for longer!


  • Total Length 26cm (10.25″)
  • Width 8.5cm (3.25″)
  • Depth 7cm (2.75″)


  • Acrylic, Metal


  • Weight: 0.1 kg

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