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Product Description

Keep your parrot entertained with this natural parrot toy. Chewing on wood helps a parrot keep their beaks in good shape, so the Double Fly Coco Natural Parrot Toy is made with two large whole coconuts and fun chewable vine balls.
Perfect to provide physical and mental stimulation: play is vital to a parrot’s well-being as it keeps them busy, active, happy, entertained and healthy.

This natural parrot toy also encourages foot and beak exercise for your bird, which is important to keep it in good shape!
After all, interacting with toys not only stimulate birds’ minds, but it also keeps them active and engaged physically.
Parrot toys are just as important as their nutrition and we’re of the opinion that they are a necessary part of maintaining good health.

The colourful materials comprising this Natural Parrot Toy include natural sisal rope, bamboo, husk and banana leaf, all tied in with chain so your parrot can’t pull the items apart too easily.

Perfect for your parrot to:

  • Chew: helps redirect natural chewing behaviour, meaning less risk for your furniture
  • Pick: allows your parrot to use its natural foraging instincts in search of food
  • Preen: encourages parrots to preen the toy rather than overpreening their own feathers, helping to redirect feather plucking behaviour

Let your parrot explore new worlds of chewing & foraging pleasures with this large parrot toy.
Hours of fun guaranteed!

Place treats in the coconut balls in order to make things a little more exciting or to entice a bird that’s still apprehensive about playing with toys.

Attach easily inside your bird cage or parrot stand with the quick link included with the toy.

Product Features

  • Multi-textured eco-friendly parrot toy
  • Made from high quality natural materials
  • Provides physical and mental stimulation
  • With coconut husk and banana leaf to add colour
  • Keeps your birds entertained and active


  • Total Length 60cm (23.6″)
  • Width 35cm (13.8″)


  • Wood, Coconut, Coconut Husk, Vine Balls, Banana Leaf, Sisal Rope and Metal Chain.


  • Weight: 0.6 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price
  • Info: Multi-textured eco-friendly parrot toy made from natural materials.

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