Dice Play Enrichment Foot Parrot Toy – Pack of 2 (Out of Stock)

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Product Description

Wood dice shapes parrot toy with chewable mini corks

  • A dice shaped toy that’s fun for your Parrot to chew on and throw around
  • Chewing on wood keeps beaks trim and healthy
  • Picking them up gives exercise through play
  • Suitable for African Grey, Conure, Macaw and more

These two Dice Play Parrot Foot Toys are a great way to keep your beaky buddy entertained outside of their cage.

They’ll have loads of fun picking them up, throwing them around and chewing them to pieces. Plus, there’s all those delightful mini corks to try and remove and chew.

Chewing on the wood blocks also helps your Parrot keep their ever-growing beak healthy and trim.

This Dice Play Parrot Foot Toys – Pack of 2 offers lots of exercise through play, physically and mentally.


  • Depth 5cm (2″)
  • Width 5cm (2″)


  • Wood, Cork


  • Weight: 0.08 kg
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