Cuttlefish Bone Holder with Stand for Bird Cages

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Product Description

Give your feathered friend the royal treatment!

  • Space Maximization: This versatile holder not only provides a secure dining area but also adds an extra perching spot in your bird’s cage
  • Nutritional Enrichment: Elevate your bird’s diet by offering a range of fresh fruits, vegetables, and cuttlebones in one convenient holder
  • Mental Stimulation: Encourage your parrot’s natural foraging instincts and mental agility by using this holder.

Parrot Essentials Cuttlefish bone holder is designed to hold any size of cuttlebone, fresh fruit and veg for your bird to enjoy.

This holder is easy to attach to all small and medium-sized bird cages. It comes with a built-in perch for your pet bird to eat and forage in comfort.

The Cuttlefish, Fruit and Veg holder is easy to clean and can be used in a variety of ways in and out of your bird’s cage. It can also provide extra perching space in your bird’s cage.

Using a cuttlefish bone, fruit and vegetable holder like this one will keep your parrot active and mentally stimulated.

Our holder is suitable for small and medium-sized parrots such as Budgies, Canary, Cockatiels, small conures and other similar-sized birds.


  • Height 12cm (4.72″)
  • Width 6cm (2.36″)
  • Perch Length 9cm (3.54″)
  • Perch Diameter 1cm (0.4″)


  • Plastic


  • Weight: 0.02 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price
  • Info: Cuttlefish bone holder for small & medium bird cages.

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