Curvy Comfort Hardwood Parrot Perch – Medium

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Product Description

Pure, Natural Perching Experience!

  • Natural Grip: Mimics the curvature of tree branches for a more natural hold.
  • Hardwood Durability: Crafted from high-quality hardwood for longevity.
  • Easy Installation: Simple and secure screw-on fitting for any cage.
  • Comfort Design: Aids in foot health and reduces cage stress.

The Curvy Comfort Hardwood Parrot Perch combines ergonomic design with sturdy construction. This Parrot Perch is designed to offer your feathered friend comfortable perching pleasure, replicating the natural contours of tree branches, which is essential for maintaining healthy grip strength and foot muscle condition.

Unlike the standard straight perches, this perch offers a curvy, more natural shape, allowing your parrot to choose their preferred grip point, which can help prevent foot sores and promote better overall foot health. The varying diameter along the perch means your parrot’s feet will not be in the same position all the time, a common issue with traditional perches that can lead to foot health problems.

The hardwood used in the construction of this perch is not only durable but also safe for your parrot to chew on. Chewing is a natural behaviour for parrots and can help keep their beak in good shape. This Parrot Perch will stand up to the toughest beaks, ensuring you get value for money with a perch that lasts.

Installation of the Curvy Comfort Parrot Perch couldn’t be easier. It features a simple screw-on fitting that securely attaches to any birdcage, ensuring stability and safety for your parrot. This means there’s no need for additional tools or complicated assembly processes – you can have the perch set up and ready for your parrot to enjoy in no time.

Not only is the perch functional, but its smooth, polished appearance will also enhance the aesthetic of your bird’s living space. The natural wood colour complements any cage design, adding a touch of elegance and bringing a piece of the outdoors inside for your parrot to enjoy.

The thoughtful design helps to reduce cage stress, offering your bird a comfortable place to rest, sleep, and watch the world go by. The curved shape encourages more movement, as your parrot will naturally want to walk along the perch and explore different positions. It promotes active feet, provides a stable base for eating and sleeping, and can even serve as a social spot where your parrot can interact with you or their cage mates.

Please note that the dimensions and curves of this product may vary, as this is natural hardwood.


  • Length 21cm – 25cm (8.3″ – 9.8″)
  • Diameter 1.5cm – 2cm (0.7″ – 0.8″)


  • Wood, Stainless Steel


  • Weight: 0.06 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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