Crunchy Pouch of Straws Parrot Toy – Large (Out of Stock)

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A woven bag for your Parrot to forage in.

Even though this Crunchy Pouch of Straws Parrot Toy Large is packed full with crunchy woven straws, there is still lots of space to add more of your Parrot’s favourite materials alongside some edible treats.

Toys that provide foraging opportunities allow your Parrot to behave as nature intended. They’ll happily spend many hours of their day searching for and retrieving their food or favourite materials.

To provide some essential mental stimulation through the activity of foraging, add anything you know your bird would happily works for inside the pouch, wedges into the straws or wrapped inside the paper rope.

The woven bag is a lot of fun for your Parrot to pick and unravel as well, giving them even more exercise through play. Plus, there are coloured wood blocks for your Parrot to chew on for a healthy and trim beak, knotted rope to unravel and a plastic chain to jangle.

You can either fasten this Crunchy Pouch of Straws using the pear link provided or use some rope to tie it to the bars of your bird’s cage or play gym stand.


  • Length 32cm (12.5”)
  • Width 20cm (7.75”)
  • Depth 8cm (3”)


  • Seagrass, Wood, Paper, Plastic, Metal


  • Weight: 0.09 kg
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