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A Star of Play in Every Way!

Experience a world of texture, sound, and colour with the Crinkle Crinkle Little Star Hanging Chew Parrot Toy. This medium-sized natural parrot toy is carefully crafted to provide your bird with endless entertainment and engagement. It offers a variety of activities to keep your feathered friend amused, active and happy.

  • Willow Wonders: Natural willow for satisfying chew sessions.
  • Paper Party: Colourful crinkle paper for shredding fun.
  • Tactile Treats: Varied textures to engage curious beaks.
  • Jingle Joy: A dangling bell for added auditory amusement.

This bird toy is made mainly from natural willow and is perfect for parrots who love to chew. It provides a healthy way for them to satisfy their natural instinct to chew and keep their beaks well-trimmed. This bird toy also satisfies their desire to forage and take things apart, just like they would do in the wild.

The foraging parrot toy is not just made of willow but is also covered in vibrant crinkle paper. Your bird will love to pull, tug, and tear at the paper, enjoying the sound of it rustling and the feeling of the paper breaking apart. This shredding is very important for birds, as it helps to keep them entertained and encourages them to explore and play.

This hanging chew bird toy has a small bell that adds a delightful jingle to the mix as your parrot interacts with it, providing auditory stimulation and making playtime even more enjoyable.

Designed to appeal to small to medium parrots, this toy’s contrasting textures, a mix of colours, and gentle sounds create an irresistible attraction. It’s a playground that hangs in their cage, providing them with a stimulating environment.

Installing this natural parrot toy is easy, with a convenient attachment mechanism that quickly secures it within your bird’s reach. Once in place, the bird toy will entertain your parrot even when you are not around.

The Crinkle Crinkle Little Star Hanging Chew Parrot Toy is a must-have for pet owners who want to provide their birds with a stimulating environment. It invites play, exploration, and simple pleasures. So why wait? Let your bird twinkle with happiness as they discover every fold and facet of their new favourite toy.


  • Length 22cm (8.7″)
  • Width 8cm (3.2″)


  • Willow vine, bird safe plastic, coloured paper and a metal bell.


  • Weight: 0.06 kg
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