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Product Description

Fill with food such as pellets, nuts, and dehydrated fruit to promote healthy foraging behaviour.

The Push and Pull Parrot Toy is part of the Creative Foraging range, great for promoting and challenging your bird to forage.

The clear design allows your bird to easily see their reward and the challenge ahead. Unscrew the top of your bird’s Push and Pull Parrot Toy and fill the top section with food and treats. Now screw the lid back on and hang in your Parrot’s cage using the stainless steel chain and quick link.

Now watch as your bird’s naturally inquisitive mind works out how to make their rewards fall through to the bottom chamber where they can be retrieved and enjoyed.

There are three slats, each has two holes in which your Parrot must learn to push and pull until they line up with the holes in each chamber. Once lined up the food or treats will start to fall through to the next level.

Watch as your bird repeats the task on each slat until their rewards empty out in the bottom chamber. A great way to make meal times fun!


  • Hanging Length 35.5cm (14″)
  • Length of Chain 18cm (7″)
  • Diameter 10.5cm (4.25″)


  • Acrylic, Metal

How To Use

  • Twist the top to open and fill with food or treats.
  • Close the top ensuring it is secure.
  • Hang the toy in your birds cage.


  • Weight: 0.14 kg
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