Colourful Plastic Chain Links – Large – Foot Parrot Toy & Parrot Toy Making Parts – 5 Pack

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Product Description

Link Up to Play – Creativity Unchained!

These links are not just ordinary bird toys; they are a blank slate for your creativity, enabling you to craft, mend, or revamp playthings that will keep your parrot entertained and mentally stimulated.

  • Colourful Creativity: Brighten your parrot’s playtime.
  • DIY Delight: Customise toys to your bird’s liking.
  • Durable Design: Strong plastic for lasting fun.
  • Versatile Play: Ideal for toy making or foot play.

This pack contains five chain links, each bursting with bright colours that will capture your parrot’s attention and add a splash of colour to their environment. These sturdy plastic pieces are perfect for encouraging your parrot to play with their feet and pull and grab them to their heart’s content.

But that’s not all. These chain links are also an excellent opportunity to explore your creative side. They can be used as parrot toy-making parts to make bespoke toys tailored to your bird’s preferences. Whether you’re aiming to create a hanging masterpiece, a foot toy, or a complex puzzle that challenges your feathered friend, these links provide the foundation for all.

Durability is a given with these robust plastic chain links. They are designed to withstand the rigours of parrot play, from the gentlest of nibbles to the most determined of chews. Their resilience ensures that whatever you create will be a long-lasting addition to your parrot’s collection of toys.

In addition to their strength, these links are incredibly versatile. They can be used to hang toys from the cage, create dangling challenges, or even construct bridges and ladders that encourage exercise and exploration. The possibilities are endless, limited only by the bounds of your creativity.

When you choose the Colourful Plastic Chain Links – Large for your parrot, you’re not just providing entertainment; you’re strengthening your bond with your bird. By creating and introducing new parrot toys, you can develop a deeper connection with your parrot as they explore and play with the fruits of your labour. They encourage interaction, stimulate the senses, and cater to your parrot’s natural behaviours. So, why wait? Unleash the potential of playtime and watch your parrot delight in the creations that come from these colourful chain links.


  • Length 27cm (10.5″)
  • Width 2.5cm (1″)


  • Bird safe coloured plastic


  • Weight: 0.13 kg
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