Colourful Munch Woven Vine Chew Balls – Foot Parrot Toy – Pack of 4

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Chew the Rainbow – Every Peck a Spectrum of Fun!

The “Colourful Munch Woven Vine Chew Balls” are designed to bring fun and functionality to your feathered friend’s life. These toys are not only visually appealing but also encourage your parrot to be active and engage in their natural behaviour of exploring and chewing. Give your parrot the best by adding these parrot chew toys to their habitat!

  • Vibrant Variety: A selection of bright colours to captivate and excite your parrot.
  • Natural Vine Material: Safe for chewing, encouraging natural behaviour.
  • Perfect Size for Pecking: Ideal for parrots to grasp and gnaw.
  • Engaging Play: Helps reduce boredom and provides mental stimulation.

These bird chew balls are made from an all-natural woven vine and are perfect for your parrot’s happiness and beak health. As a dedicated parrot owner, you know how important it is to give your bird an outlet for natural behaviours, and these balls provide just that. They are safe for your parrot to nibble and gnaw, keeping them engaged and entertained in their cage environment. The tightly woven vine makes them durable and allows your bird to peck, pull, and prod to their heart’s content. These parrot chew balls promote healthy beak growth while keeping your parrot happy and entertained.

But these Colourful Munch Woven Vine Chew Balls offer more than just chewable joy; they are also a feast for the eyes. The array of bright colours can stimulate your parrot’s visual senses, promoting an active and vibrant atmosphere within their home. It’s a Parrot Chew Toy that serves as an interactive piece of art, as appealing to look at as it is satisfying to play with.

These vine balls are an excellent chew option and can also serve as a tool for foraging. Hide treats within the crevices of the balls to encourage your parrot’s natural foraging behaviour, turning snack time into an exciting game. This added feature ensures that the Colourful Munch Woven Vine Chew Balls are not just another Parrot Chew Toy but a multifaceted enrichment tool that caters to various aspects of avian welfare.

Budgies to Macaws will enjoy chewing and unravelling these simple woven vine balls. Why not tie some to existing toys or place on skewers? Ideal for making your own customised parrot toys.

The Colourful Munch Woven Vine Chew Balls are not just any ordinary plaything for your parrot. They offer a safe and fun way to keep your feathered friend’s beak busy and their mind active. These parrot chew toy balls are a vibrant addition to your parrot’s lifestyle that can make their day happier and healthier. So, bring this colourful bouquet of chewable fun into your parrot’s life and watch them peck their way to joy and good health.

NOTE: Colours will vary in each pack.


  • Diameter 4.5 – 5cm (1.8″ – 2″)


  • Vine


  • Weight: 0.03 kg
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