Colourful Cotton Ring Parrot Toy & Swing

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Product Description

A colourful, exciting cotton preening ring that doubles as a swing for your Parrot.

Made with safe, soft, colourful cotton thickly wrapped around a robust metal-frame hoop. Chewable wooden parts and brightly coloured plastic discs ensure birds love spending time on this Colourful Cotton Ring Parrot Swing just hanging out!

Your Parrot can spend their time picking at and preening on the hundreds of rope fibres, helping to reduce unwanted over preening behaviours and keeping them looking beautiful.

The colourful wood blocks are attached to the hoop with a strong metal chain – the wooden blocks and plastic hoops provide further materials for your bird to get to grips with, helping to keep their beak healthy and trim.

Moving around on the uneven surface of the ring keeps your bird’s feet active, exercised and in good condition.

Two little metal bells are attached with thick leather cord at the base and gently jingle along whilst your bird plays and swings, helping to keep all of their senses entertained.

Use the quick link provided to quickly and easily fasten this Colourful Cotton Ring Parrot Toy & Swing to your bird’s cage or play gym stand.


  • Total Length 53cm (20.86”)
  • Ring Diameter 26cm (10.23”)


  • Cotton, Leather, Metal


  • Weight: 0.23 kg
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