Coloured Crinkle Paper Refill Pack for Preening and Foraging Parrot Toys

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Product Description

Brightly coloured crinkle paper to refill your Parrot’s favourite toys.

This Crinkle Paper Refill Pack for Parrot Toys is ideal to have around when you need to quickly restock the paper in many of the popular chewable foraging toys including those from the Super Bird Creations toy range.

Crinkle paper comes in very small strips so it can be pushed through small gaps and spaces. Cover up food and treats with the paper and watch your Parrot work out exactly how to get to the goodies underneath.

Parrots love picking, preening, chewing and ripping up the paper strands, and as it’s brightly coloured it’ll definitely capture their inquisitive mind.

Pack Dimensions

  • Height 20cm (8″)
  • Width 15 cm (6″)
  • Depth 8cm (3″)


  • Paper


  • Weight: 0.14 kg
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