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Product Description

A beautiful coffee wood stand on a wood base.

This Coffee Wood Table Top Parrot Stand Medium provides a dedicated safe space for your Parrot to enjoy your company around your home.

  • A useful wood stand you can use to move your Parrot around your home
  • Has eye hooks so you can attach toys
  • The perches help to exercise feet
  • Suitable for African Grey, Conure, Amazon and more

The two side branches and top T-Perch have an uneven texture and varying diameters, helping to keep feet exercised and healthy.

Coffee wood is tough and durable, the wood used to make this stand is from a retired tree.

Comes with eye hooks so you can attach toys to help your Parrot keep entertained. Plus, there is a handy feeding dish that you can use for food, water or to fill with chewable materials.

Please Note: Assembly required. Photo for illustration, the stand supplied will differ as every perch and trunk are unique, due to being made using natural materials.

Although Java can split when drying like any wood, this is not a fault, merely an indicator of the hardness, your Parrot certainly won`t mind.


  • Length 41cm (16″)
  • Width 31cm (12″)
  • Height 43cm (17″)

Please Note: dimensions may vary due to the use of natural materials.


  • Wood, Metal.


  • Weight: 0.01 kg

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