Coconut Fun Ball Foraging Wood Parrot Toy – Large

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Product Description

A Wonderful Coconut Fun Foraging toy for parrots.

The Coconut Fun Ball is made from an entire hollowed out coconut and offers your parrot a multitude of possibilities from foraging, to nesting, to shredding, pulling & picking!

You can cleverly conceal treats inside the coconut shell then hang it up in the cage and watch the foraging fun begin – your Parrot has to reach and retrieve the treats whilst the Coconut Fun Ball swings about! Smaller birds can enjoy nesting inside the coconut.

Three 5cm diameter holes have been drilled through the shell so parrots can delve in! Chewable foraging parrot toys such as this one can provide great fun for your bird in many different ways.  Your Parrot gets to combine the fun of climbing & swinging with the mentally stimulating activity of foraging.

Great parrot toy for keeping your parrot busy and greatly reducing boredom in or out of the cage.


  • Length 36cm (14.17″)
  • Diameter 12cm (4.72″)
  • Hole diameter 5cm (1.97″)


  • Coconut Shell, Metal.


  • Weight: 0.3 kg
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