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Made with natural chewable and shreddable materials.

This Coconut Butterfly All Natural Chew Parrot Toy has a variety of natural textures to intrigue your inquisitive Parrot.

Packed between the tough outer layer and the hard-inner coconut shell are hundreds, if not thousands, of densely packed fibres for your Parrot to spend their time picking, preening and chewing, all helping to keep their beak and mind active.

Your Parrot can also enjoy chewing on the colourful dried corn cobs, coconut shell discs, oyster shells and knotted sisal rope.

Colourful wood bamboo barrels and beads, more coconut shell discs and natural fibres, create the butterfly’s body, providing even more materials for your Parrot to explore and chew.

Hide and wedge rewards inside the wood shapes for your clever Parrot to find using their natural foraging skills. Opportunities for your Parrot to spend many happy hours searching for their food provides essential mental stimulation, and a way for them to reproduce a natural behaviour.

Providing your bird with materials they can use for preening can help to reduce unwanted over-preening behaviours, keeping your feathered friend looking beautiful.

With such a variety of textures on this Coconut Butterfly All Natural Chew Parrot Toy, your bird is sure to be kept busy for many happy hours of playtime.

Use the metal quick link provided to securely and quickly fasten this toy to your Parrot’s cage or play gym stand.


  • Length 36cm (14″)
  • Width 20cm (8″)


  • Coconut, Wood, Sisal Rope, Metal, Bamboo, Corn Cobs


  • Weight: 0.25 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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