Coco Eclipse Husk Puzzler Natural Parrot Toy – Large

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Product Description

A delightful chunky coconut slice with natural materials inside for your parrot to chew.

The exposed outer coconut shell on this Coco Eclipse Husk Puzzler Natural Parrot Toy – Large offers hundreds of strands for your parrot to pick, pull and preen. In turn, helping to keep their clever mind occupied.

Inside the tough coconut shell are lengths of plaited husker roll for your parrot to enjoy unravelling. Providing material such as these can help to reduce over-preening.

There is also cuttlefish bone and natural wood pieces for their chewing pleasure – helping to keep their beak healthy and trim.

The cuttlefish bone is known to be a source of calcium; an essential mineral for all parrots.

You can securely fasten this toy to your parrot’s cage or play gym stand using the metal quick link provided.


  • Length: 35cm (13.8“)
  • Diameter: 16cm (6.3″) 


  • Coconut, Cuttlefish Bone, Wood, Natural Fibres, Metal


  • Weight: 0.3 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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