Clustering Tower Kebab Natural Parrot Toy

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Product Description

Chew, Climb, and Cherish Every Moment!

The Natural Stacker Wooden Parrot Toy is a durable bird chew toy which provides your pet with an assortment of materials to keep their interest, no matter how they are feeling.

  • Diverse textures: Incorporates wood, leather, and cuttlefish.
  • Foraging-friendly: Encourages natural searching and pecking behaviour.
  • Secure attachment: Designed with a metal quick-link for easy cage hanging.
  • Bird-safe construction: Crafted from non-toxic, safe materials.

The Clustering Tower Kebab Natural Parrot Toy is a carefully designed toy that stimulates a parrot’s natural instincts by providing a variety of textures and materials. This parrot toy is made up of wooden blocks, leather ropes, cuttlefish bones, and natural nuts, which cater to a parrot’s curiosity and need for physical activity, captivating their attention with the different textures to explore.

The wooden blocks offer a firm surface for a parrot to exercise its beak, promoting good beak health and providing an enjoyable chewing experience. The leather elements provide a contrasting texture, which is perfect for tugging and preening, promoting mental stimulation and helping maintain a healthy level of activity. The cuttlefish bone is a clever addition, providing a source of calcium for nutritional support while also being a chewable delight.

The natural nuts interspersed throughout the natural bird toy serve a dual purpose, adding to the chew toy’s overall appeal and encouraging foraging behaviour, offering potential rewards and keeping a parrot engaged for hours. The strategic placement of these elements throughout the chewing bird toy invites pets to climb and explore, fulfilling their innate desire to investigate and manipulate their environment.

The bird toy features a secure attachment and a sturdy metal quick-link, which allows for easy installation and ensures that the natural parrot toy remains in place, regardless of how energetically a parrot plays with it. This feature also allows for the bird toy to be moved or rotated within the cage, maintaining a parrot’s interest over time.

The safety of the Clustering Tower Kebab is of utmost importance, and only non-toxic materials are used, ensuring that a parrot can play, chew, and peck without any risk to its health. By selecting safe materials for parrots, owners can feel confident that their pets are not only entertained but also protected from potential hazards.

The Clustering Tower Kebab is not just another parrot toy, it is a tool that has been designed to enhance the quality of life of birds. It provides a stimulating environment that encourages natural behaviors and helps keep parrots physically active and mentally sharp. This toy is simple yet robust and rich in texture, making it an excellent choice for parrot owners who wish to offer their pets a taste of nature’s complexity.


  • Total Length 40 cm (15.74″)
  • Width 9cm (3.54″)


  • Wood, Leather Rope, Cuttlefish, Natural Nut, Metal.


  • Weight: 0.18 kg
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