Christmas Crown Paper Preener Natural Parrot Toy

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Product Description

Parrot Toy for birds who love to pick, preen and forage.

Offer your cherished parrot the gift of happiness and joy through our Festive Parrot Toy – the Christmas Crown Paper Preener Parrot Toy! Created with affection and expertise, this toy is meticulously designed to offer a comprehensive play experience that is advantageous for both your beloved feathered companion and for you, the devoted owner.

  • Enriching Playtime for Your Feathered Companion
  • Crafted from All-Natural Materials for Safe Play
  • Offers Physical Activity & Cognitive Engagement
  • Wholesome Amusement Ideal for the Holiday Period

Witness the sparkle of excitement in your parrot’s eyes as they participate in lively shredding and inquisitive exploration. The Christmas Crown Paper Preener Parrot Toy guarantees extended periods of entertainment, effectively preventing monotony and fostering cognitive stimulation. Cater to your parrot’s inherent desire to shred and scavenge with this entirely natural toy. The textures and materials are intentionally selected to replicate the sensation of their native surroundings, thereby promoting a feeling of ease and contentment.

A stimulated parrot is synonymous with a joyous and thriving one, ultimately resulting in reduced stress for both you and your companion. Inspired by the Spirit of Christmas, this toy brings an enchanting dimension to your parrot’s surroundings. Visualise the delight in observing your feathered buddy explore a toy that mirrors the enchantment of the holiday season!

With meticulous attention, the Christmas Crown Paper Preener Parrot Toy is crafted from harmless, bird-friendly materials. Its colourful design actively encourages play, thus contributing to your parrot’s physical vitality and mental sharpness. Hang it in your parrot’s habitat or play area and let the festive fun unravels!

Including the Christmas Crown Paper Preener Parrot Toy into your pet’s routine ensures their sustained engagement and contentment. This toy is a must-have addition for any parrot owner looking to provide the best for their feathered friend. You can even become part of their play by hiding nuts, fruits or any other tasty treat, and watch as he dives, pulls and forage for them. 

Secure the Christmas Crown Paper Preener Parrot Toy now and unlock a fresh realm of delight for both you and your treasured parrot.


  • Length 22cm (8.66″)
  • Diameter 8cm (3.14″)


  • Paper, Wood, Metal


  • Weight: 0.1 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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