Chomptastic Rainbow Tower Large Natural Parrot Toy

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A vibrant playground for your feathered friend!

Swing, chew, pick or preen, happy parrots love to play with the Chomptastic Rainbow Tower Large Natural Parrot Toy. This parrot toy is an adventure that stimulates your bird’s mind and body, ensuring they stay entertained and healthy.

  • Interactive Fun: Features over 50 pieces of colourful, chewable softwood for endless entertainment.
  • Durable Design: Strung together with colourful sisal rope for long-lasting play.
  • Beak Health: Encourages natural chewing behaviour to help maintain beak health.
  • Parrot-Approved: Loved by parrots and their owners, tested and trusted.

Crafted from over 50 pieces of colourful softwood strung together with vibrant sisal rope, this bird toy provides a variety of textures and shapes for your parrot to explore. The bright colours and interesting shapes attract your bird’s attention, encouraging them to engage with the toy.

Parrots naturally love to chew, and the softwood pieces are perfect for satisfying this instinct, helping to keep their beaks trim and healthy.

The Chomptastic Rainbow Tower isn’t just fun; it’s also designed with your parrot’s well-being in mind. Chewing is a vital behaviour for parrots, and this toy promotes healthy chewing habits that support beak maintenance.

The durable sisal rope holds everything together, ensuring that the toy can withstand even the most vigorous play sessions. This means your parrot can enjoy their new favourite toy for longer, making it a great investment for their playtime.

Installation is straightforward with a secure metal clip that allows you to hang the toy in your bird’s cage or play area. Once installed, the toy sways and moves, adding an extra layer of fun and challenge as your bird tries to navigate and chew on the different pieces. This movement mimics the natural environment of wild parrots, providing not only physical exercise but also mental stimulation as they figure out how to interact with the toy.

The Chomptastic Rainbow Tower Large Natural Parrot Toy has been tried, tested, and given the seal of approval by other parrots and their owners. Its engaging design and beneficial features make it a staple in many bird habitats.

Transform your parrot’s playtime with the Chomptastic Rainbow Tower Large Natural Parrot Toy. Order today and watch your bird explore, chew, and play with endless enthusiasm. Your feathered friend will thank you for it!

  • Length 70cm (27.5″)
  • Width 27cm (10″)
  • Weight 1.43Kg


  • Wood, Sisal, Metal


  • Weight: 1.43 kg
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