Chime ‘N Shred Paradise Colorful Parrot Foraging Toy

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Product Description

Chime Into Playtime Paradise!

  • Multisensory Experience: Combines sound, sight, and touch for full sensory play.
  • Encourages Foraging: Hide treats to stimulate natural foraging behaviour.
  • Durable Construction: Made with quality materials for lasting enjoyment.
  • Colourful and Fun: Brightly coloured elements to attract and engage your parrot.

Give your parrot a feast for the senses with the Chime ‘N Shred Paradise Colorful Parrot Foraging Toy. This delightful foraging toy is designed to engage your bird’s natural instincts and provide endless hours of entertainment. This parrot toy combines the joy of foraging with the excitement of a colourful playground.

The Chime ‘N Shred Foraging Toy is thoughtfully crafted to encourage your parrot’s natural foraging behavior. Hidden within the folds of the toy are spaces where you can tuck away treats, giving your bird the satisfying task of searching and retrieving. This activity is essential for your parrot’s cognitive development and mimics the challenge they would face in the wild.

This Foraging Toy is made from high-quality materials that are safe for your parrot to chew and shred. The sturdy construction ensures that the toy can stand up to the roughest of playtime, while the brightly coloured elements make it visually appealing to your bird. The variety of textures, from the softness of the shreddable elements to the more challenging wood pieces, provides a satisfying chew experience that can help maintain the health of your parrot’s beak.

Hanging from the toy is a small bell that adds a melodic dimension to playtime. The gentle chime is pleasing to the ear and can attract your parrot’s attention, leading to further exploration. The sound is also a great way to stimulate your parrot’s auditory senses, adding another layer to their play environment.

The Chime ‘N Shred Paradise Colorful Parrot Foraging Toy is simple to install, with a secure quicklink that can be easily attached to your bird’s cage. Its presence can transform the cage into a vibrant and interactive space that stimulates your parrot both mentally and physically. It’s a wonderful way to enrich your parrot’s daily routine and ensure that they are engaged, happy, and healthy.


  • Total Length 25cm (9.8″)
  • Width 9.5cm (3.7″)
  • Diameter 8cm (3.1″)


  • Wood, Metal, Paper, Cotton Rope, Leather Rope. 


  • Weight: 0.14 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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