Chew n Play Natural Chimney Parrot Toy

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Peck or Chomp, a Tower of Texture and Fun!

  • Natural Materials: Made with bird-safe, natural materials for hours of chewing fun.
  • Multi-Textured: Offers a variety of textures to satisfy your parrot’s pecking pleasure.
  • Interactive Elements: Equipped with colourful beads and a bell to keep your parrot entertained.
  • Durable Construction: Built to last, providing a lasting challenge for curious beaks.

The Chew n’ Play Natural Chimney Parrot Toy is designed to provide your pet bird with endless entertainment and stimulation. This colourful parrot chew toy comes in the form of a column, offering a variety of textures and materials that naturally engage your bird’s chewing instincts and keep them entertained for hours on end.

Crafted from bird-safe, natural materials, this enchanting Parrot Chew Toy is perfect for parrots who love to explore with their beaks. From the soft, chewable wood to the hardy textures that provide a satisfying crunch, the Chew n’ Play Natural Chimney caters to all your parrot’s pecking preferences. It’s a feast for the beak, ensuring your bird has a healthy outlet for their instinctual chewing behaviour.

The Chew n’ Play Natural Chimney Parrot Toy isn’t just a treat for the beak; it’s a visual and auditory spectacle, too. Decorated with brightly coloured beads and finished with a charming bell, it invites your parrot to an interactive play session every time they approach it. The various elements encourage exploration and play, which are vital for a parrot’s cognitive development and emotional well-being.

The design of this Parrot Chew Toy is centred around durability. It can endure even the most enthusiastic play of the most hardworking parrots, making it an essential part of their daily activities. Whether your feathered friend enjoys gentle nibbling or avid chewing, the Chew n’ Play Natural Chimney will last long, providing a dependable source of enrichment for them.

This Parrot Chew Toy is also a perfect tool for foraging. The nooks and crannies within the wooden blocks and ropes can be filled with treats, transforming the toy into a challenging foraging spot that encourages natural feeding behaviours.

Introducing the Parrot Chew Toy to your pet bird can be a significant step towards promoting a healthy and happy environment for them. You can show them how much you care about their well-being by providing a toy that fulfils their need to play, chew and explore. The Chew n’ Play Natural Chimney Parrot Toy is an excellent choice that will keep your parrot entertained and satisfied. Watch as they enjoy pecking away at the toy, one chew at a time.


  • Length 35cm (13.77″)
  • Width 9cm (3.54″)


  • Wood, Vine, Leather, Metal, Assorted Dried Leaves And Grasses


  • Weight: 0.1 kg
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