Calcivet Liquid Calcium & Vitamin D3 Parrot Supplement

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Product Description

Essential calcium and Vitamin D3 supplement for all Parrots.

Calcivet (also known as CalciBoost) is a high quality liquid calcium and Vitamin D3 supplement, especially vital during breeding, and should be given weekly to all birds.
African Greys have a particular requirement for this mineral.
Active Ingredients per litre
Calcium (From Chelate) – 33g, Magnesium – 2g, Vitamin D3 – 25,000IU.


  • Calcivet can be used with any Essentials products, Feast, ProBoost SuperMax, Potent Brew, Fussy Feeder Essentials and Feather-Up.

How to Use

  • Give Calcivet 1-2 days a week to non-breeding birds and 5 days a week to breeders or egg-laying pets. Do not feed every day.
  • For birds on dry diets: add 1ml – 2ml of Calcivet per 100ml of water.
  • For birds on soft foods, human foods or fresh fruit and veggies (ensure it is all consumed); add 1ml per 1kg body weight.
  • 1 ml (30 drops) per:
  • 16-32 Finches/Canaries
  • 8-16 Budgies
  • 4-8 Cockatiels
  • 2-4 Greys / Amazons,
  • 1-2 Cockatoos / Macaws
  • Store in a cool dry place.
  • Once opened use within 12 months.
  • For animal use only
  • Keep out of reach of children


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