Calcivet – 80g – Powdered Calcium & D3 Bird Supplement (1 in Stock)

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Product Description

Powdered calcium supplement for pet birds and Parrots

Contains calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D3 in a powdered form made for sprinkling over soft foods or fruit and vegetables, suitable for growing and breeding birds.

Active Ingredients per kg

  • Calcium (66g/kg Ca++) as Chelate, Magnesium 13g/kg as Chelate, Vitamin D3 7,000ius/kg.


  • Feast, Daily Essentials, Pro Boost SuperMax and Potent Brew. Also Spark, Guardian Angel and Bio Plus.

How to Use

  • Sprinkle over fresh foods, human foods or moistened soft foods. Use once or twice a week for non-breeding birds and up to 5 days a week for breeders. Use less frequently if birds getting very hard drinking water. 
  • For small collections give 
  • 1 pinch per pair of Finches / Canaries
  • 2 pinches per pair of Budgies
  • 4 pinches per pair of Cockatiels / Rosellas
  • 4 pinches for one (1) African Grey / Amazon
  • 8 pinches per Macaw. 
  • Alternatively add 20g (4 heaped teaspoons) to a kg of dry soft food. Remember not to feed more than 5 days a week.

Storage Directions

  • Store in a cool dry place.


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