Calcium Natural Husk & Wood Kebab Chewing Parrot Toy

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Product Description

A mixture of natural, bird safe materials for your parrot to play with.

  • Promotes Exercise: The design of this toy encourages physical activity as your parrot explores, climbs, and manipulates the various components, promoting exercise and overall fitness.
  • Beak Maintenance: The diverse materials encourage natural beak maintenance, helping to keep your parrot’s beak in top condition while satisfying their natural chewing instincts.
  • Enriching Playtime: This toy offers dynamic textures and materials that stimulate your parrot’s senses, making playtime more engaging and mentally enriching.
  • Suitable for All: Designed with larger parrots in mind, this toy is suitable for a wide range of breeds, providing entertainment and enrichment for birds of various sizes and preferences.

Made with a variety of durable and natural materials, it is no wonder this Calcium Natural Husk & Wood Kebab Chewing Parrot Toy is so popular with larger Parrots.

The tough coconut shell, wooden blocks, cuttlefish bone and loofah pieces will provide lots for your Parrot to chew, keeping their beak busy and healthy.

Cuttlefish bone is a good source of calcium. All Parrots, but particularly African Greys, have a requirement for this mineral.

Use the metal quick link provided to securely and quickly fasten this Large Natural Cluster Tower to your bird’s cage or play gym stand.


  • Total Length 30cm (11.81″)
  • Width 8cm (3.14″)


  • Wood, Leather, Loofah, Coconut, Metal


  • Weight: 0.05 kg
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