Calcium Crunch Feast Chewable Parrot Toy

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A calcium chew toy to keep your Parrot in good health.

Sisal and latex rubber tubing has been knotted together to create a colourful rope which is fun for your Parrot to preen on, chew up and unravel.

At the end of the rope each strand separates out and has been filled with knots, beads, calcium rich seashells and heart shaped calcium chews.

Calcium is required by most Parrots, especially African Greys. This Calcium Crunch Feast Chewable Parrot Toy provides your bird with a fun and entertaining way to ingest this important mineral.

For even more fun your Parrot will find a shiny metal bell hanging from the bottom, waiting to chime away as your bird plays.

Use the metal pear link hanger provided to securely and quickly attach this Calcium Crunch Feast Chewable Parrot Toy onto your Parrot’s cage or play gym stand.


  • Length 27cm (10.5”)
  • Width 6cm (2.25“) 


  • Sisal, Latex Rubber, Seashells, Plastic, Calcium Blocks, Metal


  • Weight: 0.1 kg
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